Whoa: Cat GIFs Perfectly In Sync With Your Favourite Songs

We love this. Maybe you’ve seen it before. Hopefully you haven’t. Some geniuses out of Barcelona paired up hilarious cat gifs with their perfect soundtracks in the form of all the classics you remember by heart (and some you wish you’d forgotten about already).

Procatinator cat

How about this frenzy feline friend to the tune of a karaoke version of Macarena? Look no further.

procatinator leap cat

Ever see the “Grinding the Crack” cat video? Well here it is again, except that graceful leap is taken to the tune of Van Halen’s “Jump”.

procatinator gif

What about a little Rocky? Can you feel the Eye Of The Tiger?

procatinator coco jambo

Or why not kick back with this take on the 90’s classic Coco Jambo by Mr. President

…There’s so many of them! You best have a look.

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Show me another cat.

Show me atberche rcat.

Shome cat



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