Blogger Accidentally Sets His House On Fire

We’re flabbergasted by this. A Japanese guy was liveblogging on Twitch when he accidentally set fire to.. Well. A lot of things. It starts with him trying to light a match but subsequently setting the whole matchbox on fire. All the while a taunting robotic voice seems to comment on the unfolding misfortunate series of events. Epic failure.

Make sure to skip ahead to the 4:50 mark where the action starts.

Classic Moss moment.

We X This: Moss from IT Crowd handling a fire emergency
Maurice Moss from the IT Crowd handling a fire emergency

Pro tip: Don’t put your unwieldy fire on flammable materials. And when you try to put it out, don’t use cardboard (this is also flammable).

Oh and try to be quick about it, too! It would seem fires get worse and worse the longer you wait. #PSA


Find the video on YouTube.

This article originally appeared on We X This.