Epic Tangled face swap

11 Hilarious Disney Face Swaps + 1 Bonus Face Swap

We are laughing too hard at this. Some geniuses decided to swap the faces on beloved Disney characters and the results are hilarious. Make sure to check out their tumblr to see them all, but first have a look at these hand picked ones that really got us.

1. Jasmine actually looks fashionable

…but there’s something odd about Jafar.


2. A curious situation from the Lion King

Lion King face swap
Lion King

3. Snow White is not grumpy

Snow White Face Swap
Snow White

4. Pocahontas swaps faces with her John

Seriously though, what’s with that huge nose!?

Pocahontas Face Swap

5. Beauty = fangs

So in this year.

Beauty and the Beast Face Swap
Beauty and the Beast

6. Poor Ursula looks concerned…

The Little Mermaid Face Swap
The Little Mermaid

7. The beginning of a beautiful friendship?

The Emperor's New Groove Face Swap
The Emperor’s New Groove

8. This is just a scary scene

Imagine if every scene in the Jungle Book was like this. Nightmare.

The Jungle Book Face Swap
The Jungle Book

9. Tarzan actually doesn’t look too bad!

…as far as muscly jungle ladies go.

Tarzan Face Swap

10. Here comes the smoulder

Rapunzel’s like “eh?”

Tangled Face Swap

11. Uhhh trippy

What was in that tea?

Alice In Wonderland Face Swap
Alice In Wonderland

Bonus: This epic Genie/Jafar face swap is epic

Aladdin: The Genie and Jafar
Aladdin: The Genie and Jafar

All cred goes to the lovely folks over at Disney Face Swap who must’ve spent years (collectively) putting these together. If you have a bit of artistic skill yourself and an idea for a swap you can put it together and submit it over there — chances are they’ll post it for the world to see. Like, where are all the Frozen swaps? Geesh.

Oh and not to forget…

Beauty and the Beast



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