Trains: deadly and scary. (screenshot from NormelTV/YouTube)

These guys decided to stage a fake train collision to get back at their friend, and it’s hilarious

The thing about prank wars is that they tend to escalate in severeness exponentially over time. Playing a cruel prank on a friend will only mean that the retaliation will be that much worse. Who could forget the epic prank┬áCollegehumor prank wars where spoiler Amir at one point is duped into thinking he’s about to die as he’s free-falling from an airplane.

These guys are no better. To get back at their friend for pulling a nasty prank earlier, they convince him to get tied up in the back of a truck and drive around to catch people’s reactions in other cars. What they don’t tell him is that they’re actually planning on getting a timely motor engine failure at a railroad crossing, complete with fake sounds to really make their victim believe he has little time left on this earth…

It just goes to show that you should treat your friends nicely or they might make you fear for your life.

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