Perfect pitch dogs practice

Incredibly Talented Dogs Have Perfect Pitch

We’re so amazed by this. These dogs actually have the ability to tell exactly what note and tone that their master is playing, and can replay it instantly. Dogs have great hearing, this is well-known, but that they hit the right note every single time is truly remarkable, and signals that these dogs have perfect pitch.

Does this mean you could teach your dog to help you make better music? Like, if you’re writing a song and play it could you teach your dog to help you make your music sound better?

Could you even help teach your puppies to make music themselves? If you’d asked me a week ago I would’ve said no but I’m not so sure anymore.

Anyway, this video is definitely a must-watch for dog and cat lovers alike.

Perfect pitch dogs practice session

Perfect pitch dogs practice
Perfect pitch dogs practice (screenshot from YouTube)

Somehow this reminds us of that one scene in Disney’s Aristocats where the butler is trying to retrieve his belongings from the scene of crime.

Talented Dogs From Disney’s Aristocats

Seriously though, dogs >= cats. Woof.


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