Propose To Your Girlfriend: Video Game Edition

This is such a beautiful display of true love. This guy decided that the perfect way to propose to his girlfriend was by creating his own, custom-made video game. We think that this couple is big into video games. Sure enough, she’s loving it, all the way through the end. Check out the whole imgur album here.

While the game itself may not be of top quality the point is brought home: in the game of life, it’s easier if you’re joined by Player 2. Together you can straddle the largest chasms that life presents.

So as far as proposals goes, this is spot on. Have a look and make sure to watch the end, but make sure that you have some tissues handy.

How to propose to your girlfriend

Press start: open the game

How to propose to your girlfriend: how it starts

Level 1: First meeting at Bockfest

How to propose to your girlfriend: backstory
The intro

Their first date!

How to propose to your girlfriend: first date
Epic first date: check

The underwater level

How to propose to your girlfriend: underwater level
Very tricky

Watch the video recording

Actually, just watch the video. It tells the story much better! This is how to propose.

Cries tears of joy

How to propose: she said yes!
She said yes!

Oh man, what a proposal. Sniff.


View the full original album on Imgur.

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